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Rautenberg & Company advises Allgeier SE on the acquisition of selected divisions of Ciber, Inc.

The team around Arndt Rautenberg and Jens Moritz advised the Management Board of Allgeier SE on the acquisition of selected divisions of Ciber, Inc.. The signing took place on February 3, 2017.

Allgeier SE and Ciber, Inc., headquartered in Denver, Colorado, USA, have reached an agreement today to combine their activities in the German market for SAP Consulting Services and SAP Managed Services. To this end, Ciber is selling its German companies, namely Ciber AG based in Heidelberg and Ciber Managed Services GmbH based in Freiburg, to Allgeier Enterprise Services AG. In addition, Ciber France SAS based in Entzheim, France, and major parts of the operations, including the customer relationships and employees of Ciber Danmark A/S headquartered in Brøndby, Denmark, will be transferred, along with the software solution Ciber Compliance Suite for SAP Systems.

Allgeier will combine the acquired Ciber entities with its own existing SAP business in Allgeier Consulting Services GmbH based in Kronberg and Allgeier Midmarket Services GmbH based in Freiburg under the umbrella of Allgeier Enterprise Services AG.

The purchase price of the shares and assets acquired from Ciber amounts up to EUR 8 million. Part of the purchase price is contingent on the economic performance of the organization unit created through the process in 2017 and 2018. The transaction will take place once approval has been obtained from the antitrust authorities.

Ciber has found Allgeier as a competent and powerful partner to further and expand the business with major domestic and international companies as well as mid-sized companies at the high end of the market in Germany, France and Denmark. Allgeier is strengthening its Enterprise Services business and reinforcing its position as a leading full service provider of SAP Enterprise Services.

The Rautenberg & Company team advised and supported the buyer during the entire process, in particular through the preparation of the commercial due diligence and the development of an integrated business plan.

 Rautenberg & Company advises Allgeier SE on the acquisition of selected divisions of Ciber, Inc.

Quick Facts


  • February 2017

Allgeier SE

  • Leading IT-solutions provider for digital transformation
  • Comprehensive solution and service portfolio as one-stop-shop with more than 6,100 employees and 1,300 freelancers
  • Revenue of EUR 445 million (2015, ongoing operations)

Ciber, Inc.

  • Global IT consulting, services and outsourcing company
  • Headquartered in Greenwood Village, Colorado, USA, and listed on the NYSE
  • Revenue of USD 787 million (2015) and more than 5,500 employees

Deal Size

  • Depending on the economic performance of the newly created unit


  • Commercial due diligence and support of Allgeier SE in the development of an integrated business plan including all synergies


  • Arndt Rautenberg, Managing Partner
  • Jens Moritz, Managing Partner
  • Gero Steinröder, Director
  • Eike Büllingen, Senior Associate
  • Kurt Weise, Associate