Rautenberg & Company

Rautenberg & Company supports financial sponsors and their portfolio companies during all phases of a transaction.

In our Advisory business, our services to assist such phases include the origination of a transaction, support in all execution aspects on the buy side or the sell side. For our clients’ portfolio companies, we assist in the onboarding process as well as in 100-day and integration programmes. Our value creation projects not only support companies through phases of critical growth, but also when improving the cost base. Finally, we are helping portfolio firms get ready for a successful exit.

In selected cases, our Investment Management business takes over, based on broad and long-term mandates, the running of individual portfolio companies or even entire portfolios of financial investors.

Our own Principal Investment arm invests into the equity of companies, alongside our clients if requested. We invest either directly or by converting parts of our fees from our advisory or investment management engagements.

This integrated and flexible approach ensures that our clients receive best-in-class services from our experienced and highly competent team. We render advice with a full alignment of interest and a maximum focus on results, based on our profound experience and competence.

Our client base includes family offices, private equity funds and venture capital firms as well as select corporates. With offices in Düsseldorf, Frankfurt and London, we are present in key centres of the European investment industry and proximity to sites of our clients’ active and potential investments.